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New Josh Groban album…roll on February 2013!


Josh releases his 6th in-studio album ‘All That Echoes’ on 5th February 2013, and you know what that means?! A whole new tour!! Woo hoo!  It feels like no time at all has passed since his last tour back in October of 2011, and I so cannot wait.

His previous 5 in-studio album’s include; Josh Groban, Closer, Awake, Noel and Illuminations. He released a collector’s album Josh Groban ‘The Collection’ aimed for his International fans. He also released concert albums ‘Awake live’ from Salt Lake City and ‘Live at the Greek’ in L.A.


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Josh Groban – the back story.

Josh Groban – the back story.

Okay, so here it is…the back story. It was in the summer of 2001, I was….nah, I am not going to tell it like that. Right, for real this time. It was 2001, I cannot quite remember the when, but it was Ally McBeal time and the series was the hottest programme on t.v. then. It seemed nobody could get enough of the skinny, slightly neurotic lawyer, with a big heart and bigger conscience. It was out of this series that I first saw him, this sweet young guy with curly brown hair and eyes so dark you could fall into them and never be found. His character was Malcom Wyatt, and even though his part on the t.v. series, was not huge – it got me.

When he sang, it knocked me for six. I had never heard such an amazing voice and the song “To where you are” was beautifully touching. Anyone who has ever lost someone in their life, through death; could not listen to this without feeling some sort of connection to the words. Anyway, it got me, I loved him then – but for the life of me I could not remember his name.

Fast forward six years, it’s 2007. I had discovered what youtube was and hence re-discovered the boy with the voice – his name was Josh Groban. At this time, I was going through a very, very, bad time in my life; my marriage was poop. Something had to give, I knew an end was in sight and it was for the best, things were dire. So just before the split, I got the chance of seeing Josh in concert, in Dublin. I was a bit reluctant to go, as I knew he was a classically trained baritone; I thought it might be a yawn-fest. How wrong was I? This amazing man, not only could sing, but had humor to boot. He also had extraordinary fans, that traveled all across the globe to be at his concert. Popular was an understatement.

The concert was amazing and I was thoroughly enjoying myself; but I still didn’t get it until during one of his songs “In her eyes”, he came through the audience as he sang and shook hands with surprised fans. So I, with balls of steel (which I don’t have since I am a girl) hopped into the aisle as he passed by and he grabbed my hand. Bing! Lifesaver! That was it. In a weird way it was like a life flash, you know the kind of thing that happens before you die – but in reverse, as I came to life. I realised that I had been so miserable for so long, I forgot what it was like to be happy and that was one moment of sheer happiness. Josh woke me up to my miserable life and I knew something had to be done and for the first time in ages, I was elated. It was a forgotten feeling – joy! So that is what it’s supposed to feel like.

Then and there my new life started, I changed and became a different person, a happier person, a confident person. The marriage came to an end shortly after. The ex jokes sometimes, that I left him for Josh. Hmmm. That is untrue, it ended for many reasons, Josh was just a catalyst. My life went in a totally different direction after that, so many positive outcomes. I met so many wonderful people through being a fan of Josh, pen pals. I will never forget my first Christmas after my marriage ended. Josh’s fan club website had set up a Christmas card exchange program. Fans worldwide joined up and we sent and received cards to and from all over the world. I received over 200 cards in the post that year, all with little Josh related trinkets in them: fridge magnets, book markers, fan photo’s of Josh. It was an amazing experience to be part of something so united and fun. A total spirit lifter. I am still in contact with some of his fans to this day.

I have been to his concerts, have traveled to London to see him in the musical Chess. I also went to a meet and greet, that was organised for the fans who traveled to be there. It was brilliant. Then last year in 2011, I was privileged by getting to meet him in person, at an album signing gig in Dublin city. He was so nice to the fans that waited outside (can’t say the same for the music store staff or promoters) he posed for pictures and signed c.d’s, he signed a pencil drawing I did of him. He told me it was “beautiful” – see my ‘about me’ page for photos. I still love his music and what it represents to me. If I am ever in the horror’s, I simply listen to Josh’s music or watch his video’s on youtube, and my good mood is once again restored. So thank you so much Josh, for all you have indirectly done for me.

So here I am now, embarking on a new journey called 3rd Level Education. Woo hoo!!

So people, did you ever have someone in your life, that totally turned things around for you? Think about it.

Yes he does deserve a stonkingly big picture on my blog. See those beautiful dark eyes *sigh*

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